Thursday, April 18, 2013

A little farewell ...

So it seems like forever since I've "journaled" on this little blog of mine! It's not that I didn't love it it's just so hard to find the time to sit and get it out ! My days are filled with these little ones, keeping them engaged and stimulated and cared for , not to mention the hubby and I ! I don't know how other mommy bloggers do it ! But I'm so glad they do because I enjoy reading them and getting new ideas to use in my own daily adventures of motherhood ! So for now I'm going to stick to reading the blogs I enjoy and less writing of my own, I loved it while it lasted and who knows I may get back to it some day..
A huge heartfelt thank you to all my 10 readers lol and who ever else stopped by to share in this little corner of mine ! It means a lot to me ! All of our little hands are still happily getting into everything we can and the littlest ones are growing so fast ! So Thankful for every moment I get with this little family of mine : )
lots of happy thoughts , xoxoxo , : ) Janelle