Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mommy time : Pretty food

Sometimes when the Little's are napping I like to get in the kitchen and play with my food. For the last few months I've been more and more inspired by vegetarian meals and have even taken on a "flexitarian" approach in our life, trying to only eat lean meats Thursdays-Saturdays, surprisingly the hubby doesn't fight me too much ; ) Doing so has really motivated me to try  new meals and vegetables and other sources of proteins i wouldn't have in the past ( hello Pinterest!) and even has me thinking I could one day become a vegetarian ( with the exception of fish.. but anyway I digress. Pretty food on a pretty plate makes me happy. This time it was homemade kale pesto on my new love Ezekiel bread, topped with homemade pickled watermelon radish! with a side of homemade roasted eggplant (picked from our garden!) hummus! and freshly picked heirloom tomatoes and basil! Mommy time indeed! Who else likes to play with their food? In my house it is encouraged =)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Quick and Easy little weeknight dinner....

Hello little online journal of mine and my readers if you re there, hello! Been awhile since Ive found a minute to sit and share but I'm happy to be here right now =) All is up and alive around here! two toddling toddlers 1 and 3! yeah  my days are full and colorful =) Ive been trying so many new ( and healthy!) recipes and experiments and I slowly but surely plan to document them here.. Ok so tonight I whipped up these delicious and nutritious veggie chicken patties. I basically grabbed a bunch of veggies from this weeks box and a little baby squash we picked this morning and sauteed them with onion and garlic and mixed em with ground chicken, some Bragg's liquid aminos and nutritional yeast and a little sweet chili sauce... and BAM dinner happened! I served it with a side of whole wheat couscous with feta and pistachios!  Give these a try with whatever veggies you have and hopefully you will be as happy as we were!

EASY Veggie Chicken Patties ( also you could serve on mini buns as sliders!)

1 pound ground chicken
veggies of choice ( i used chopped kale,  grated carrot, mini squash and a mini pepper)
garlic clove ( as much as little as you like)
half onion minced
teaspoon of sweet chili sauce
tablespoon of Bragg's liquid aminos ( or soy sauce)
tablespoon of nutritional yeast ( or Parmesan cheese)
cooking spray

SO.. you sautee the veggies in cooking spray  and then add the liquid aminos or soy sauce and stir a bit then add veggie mixture to the ground chicken  in a large bowl and add the rest of the ingredients  and mix together.. Then I use two sandwich bags to form the patties because I have two kiddos that i may need to break up n you dont want "chicken hands!" ... ok so form into 8 patties and spray a little more cooking spray and cook about 5 min each side, and serve with couscous, rice, on buns whatever floats your boat! Enjoy! Perfect for the whole family, little kids, and littler kids too (that can chew of course! )... or I suppose you can blend one of  these patties up in the baby bullet with a little water or veggie stalk n the teethless eaters can join in too!