Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy little snaps...

This week has been full of runny noses, sneezes, coughing and cuddling and a lot of movie days. My first time with two sick little ones, I almost feel like its my right of passage into mommyhood lol. Anyway we made it through.. almost. Hoping for the sickness to pass this weekend. Even through all the nose blowing these two managed to smile n play as best they could. Here's the latest round of my happy little snaps. Have a great weekend =)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Konkie's Cobbler

Jyselle has named her auntie ( my lovely sister) Konkie (don't ask just go with it) So one of the first things Konkie made us when we settled in the peach state is... Peach cobbler of course! Now I know there are a million recipes out there for cobbler, but there is only one Konkie so that makes this extra special. Trust me you will love it.. almost as much as we love Konkie. She has shared her recipe just for us! Enjoy! p.s she left it out but I'm pretty sure I saw her pour rum into the sauce ; ) I wont tell if you wont tell =)

You will need:
About 6 Georgia peaches peeled and sliced ( or any state peach will do)
1cup brown sugar
2tsp honey
2tbsp cinnamon
1tbsp pumpkin pie spice
1stick of butter
1roll of refrigerated pie crust

Here's what you do:
Put everything except for the crust in a pot and simmer till the peaches are soft..
When nobody is looking pour in some rum ... take a sip too if its been one of those days ; )
Spray or butter an 8x8 baking dish...
Put one crust on the bottom and fill with the peach sauce...
Top with the other crust and make pretty slits in it...
Bake @400 degrees for 25-30 min till golden brown...I say the more golden the better...
Enjoy!...preferably with vanilla frozen custard  with extra sauce drizzled on top like we did!(one day I will tell you about the custard obsession in this house)

**linked to another weekend potluck!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Pin Pin Pin ...

Just another manic Monday.. I love that song!.. Anywho crazy day so far target run, and treasure hunting! (my new favorite thing! cant wait to share more soon!) Then lunch time, diaper changes and a mini meltdown from a tired little girl. Now here we are, nap time! Which today for me means time to pin! Here's my favorites of the day, enjoy! Happy Monday! Happy Pinning! =)
these days this is extra special =)

this chair  will soon be mine!! in my own lil corner in our lil place..

cute onsie a cute little boy will be

getting shared room inspiration for my little ones nest..
Handprint wall art set! for the kiddos!

Family photo inspiration from one of my favorite blogs! n I have the perfect tree in mind!

chocolatey goodness with a nutritional kick! ill be making very soon!

Teriyaki chicken. marinating in my fridge right now for dinner tonight!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A little happy time...

Happy time. Free time . Me time. Whatever you want to call it I'm taking it now literally as I type this. ; ) it's great. Just finished nursing a happy little baby so he is contently staring at the ceiling fan ( his favorite past time ) Jyselle is napping . Daddy's day off  so he is taking this time too. This rocks as my sister would say. So now I'm going to try to read these  magazines I've been trying to read for weeks or maybe I'm just going to join in the fan staring : ) Hope you all get a little time today too.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

new family favorite! freezable breakfast burritos!

OK so Pintrest to the rescue again! My husband has been asking me to make him freezable breakfast burritos since forever. For some reason I could never get inspired enough to get in the kitchen and make them. Until I was browsing through pintrest and saw these. They are so delicious and freeze beautifully. The best part is you can customize them with whatever you want, veggies, meat, the possibilities are endless. Make a huge batch and label and freeze. In the morning all you have to do is microwave and enjoy. Perfect for busy mornings, or just whenever you want a burrito! which around here has been often. =) I decided on spinach, mushrooms, bacon n sausage. The original recipe is here at check it out and get inspired by her recipe and pictures like I was.I've also linked up @lifeaslofthouse food blog for their awesome weekend potluck! Another great place to get kitchen inspiration! Ok so my pics aren't as great but hey I was wearing a baby and entertaining  a toddler while cooking =) either way make em. freeze em. you will be happy.

You will need:
 10-12 eggs ( i used 10 since i had 10 tortillas)
whole wheat flour tortillas ( my nutritional addition)
veggies of choice, garlic, salt n pepper
sausage n bacon ( optional)
2-3 Yukon gold potatoes peeled n chopped
salsa ( any kind you like)
*hot sauce ( as much or as little as you like)

** cook bacon n sausage n set aside. scramble eggs n set aside.
Heat some oil in pan ( i used same pan as bacon n sausage for added flavor)
Cook potatoes till soft, then add onions mushrooms n spinach garlic n salt n pepper add hot sauce if you like
Once cooked set aside. Wrap tortillas in a damp towel n microwave for about a minute.
Set up an assembly line with eggs, veggie mixture, meat if using, cheese, salsa.
Pile each tortilla with eggs, veggie, meat, cheese, n salsa ( shutterbean recipe says go heavy on salsa to keep burritos moist when re heated. she is right, please do this)
Now roll , wrap in foil, label, freeze.
To reheat unwrap foil, then wrap burrito with paper towel n microwave 2-3 minutes ( I wrote this on the freezer bag to help a sleepy hubby in the morning =) Enjoy!

Monday, August 20, 2012

A healthy happy little boy...

Today was Aaron's first official checkup! He is growing strong weighing in at 10lbs 12oz! He did so good giggling and babbling at the nurses ( may have a little flirt on our hands!) and of course I snapped a few pics waiting for the doc..
I have to admit that  doctor visits are sometimes hard for me and bittersweet. Ive mentioned before the beginning of this pregnancy was one of the hardest things I have ever went through. Sitting in the emergency room loosing tons of blood not knowing if my baby was going to make it, only to be told I was carrying twins. I didn't even have time to get excited because I was then told one probably wouldn't make it. The next few weeks were spent in bed, back and forth to specialists, full of anxiety and frustration. At about 10 weeks I unfortunately lost my baby. This little guy however pulled through and here we are. Talking about this at times is hard but its also helps because while the pain will always be here, I also am filled with so much appreciation for my beautiful two I have now and the one I hope to see one day. Its that hope along with my faith and supportive friends and family and a loving husband that keep me going. That's a lot for a Monday morning but that was my morning and I am so happy I got to share it with this smiling face...(at least till it was time for shots! )

happily waiting for doc...

after not amused ..

all tuckered out

Friday, August 17, 2012

mornings like this...

Sometimes things get a little crazy around here. Trying to manage a toddler,a newborn, a new state , not to mention we are a family of four living out of one room in my sisters house.. Don't get me wrong my sis and her family have been more than hospitable truly making there home ours until we get our place ( which is soon! More on that soon!) but some days I'm left sitting what was I thinking did we act too fast??...and then we have mornings like this..It's a Thursday and we are feeding ducks and spending time as a family completely stress free. I answer no we didn't act fast enough! This move was the best thing we have ever done for our family, Patrick is working four days a week! and I am able to continue to be a stay at home mommy. My dreams of a farm will have to wait a while but we found the perfect apartment that will suit us just fine. Besides there is so much beautiful greenery around here I'm happy exploring and having the time to do it together. Everyday I am learning and appreciating that less truly is more . And that makes me very happy.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Happy Little snaps : our zoo adventure

This weekend was so relaxing.. I know with two kids how is that possible lol. Well my version of relaxing is probably a little different then most but either way it was. Just hanging around with family no set plans .. Relaxing : ) I had time to pick through pics from our zoo adventure a few weeks ago. That was a crazy day but so much fun! Jyselle's favorite was the elephants! Aaron's favorite was sleeping in my moby wrap : ) n me n Patrick well we loved that we got it all done in a few hours in one piece : )
sleepy time in the moby

these two...

snack time! (from home of course!)

She rode on daddy's shoulders all day...

cooling off...
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baby panda eating bamboo..

because sometimes we all need to walk like a bird..

my dream house....


of course he wakes up when its time to leave =)

her happy dance =)