Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A few random happy pieces..

So the other day I was in the kitchen with Jyselle and I needed a recipe n I couldn't remember n then i thought hey i think i blogged it a while back so I looked it up n while doing so Jyselle was so excited to see pictures of herself helping me .. they were from last year and it was crazy to see how much she has grown! We ended up looking at older posts together and she happily listened to stories and looked in awe of pictures of our life.. it hit me that I am glad I have this little space of the Internet because life gets crazy n while I really want to scrapbook moments of our life to share with her I just cant find the time right now .. but a few minutes to jot a few thoughts n download some pictures? Totally up this mommies alley! So I started this blog with the intention to make a little extra money n document little pieces of my life and ended this blog because life got in the way and then restarted lol.. all i know is now I am just happy that I have a quick little way to document some things i think are special and can share with my little ones. =)

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