Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mommy time : Pretty food

Sometimes when the Little's are napping I like to get in the kitchen and play with my food. For the last few months I've been more and more inspired by vegetarian meals and have even taken on a "flexitarian" approach in our life, trying to only eat lean meats Thursdays-Saturdays, surprisingly the hubby doesn't fight me too much ; ) Doing so has really motivated me to try  new meals and vegetables and other sources of proteins i wouldn't have in the past ( hello Pinterest!) and even has me thinking I could one day become a vegetarian ( with the exception of fish.. but anyway I digress. Pretty food on a pretty plate makes me happy. This time it was homemade kale pesto on my new love Ezekiel bread, topped with homemade pickled watermelon radish! with a side of homemade roasted eggplant (picked from our garden!) hummus! and freshly picked heirloom tomatoes and basil! Mommy time indeed! Who else likes to play with their food? In my house it is encouraged =)

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