Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A great start to the weekend

This last Saturday my sister invited me to go on an early morning run at one of our beautiful local parks, and it couldn't have made me happier! I mentioned before we have both completely changed to a healthier clean active lifestyle and it has been such a blast sharing it with her =) So we started at 6am n it was still pitch black out! thankfully the sun came through and we weren't eaten by creepy crawlers in the trees lol. We started out together n then ran at our own paces and then met up for a cool down, It was so energizing to run out in the open air and listen to music and not have to think about diapers or dinner lol. I challenged myself and burned about 400 calories in about an hour woo woo! Then we rewarded ourselves with her amazing cottage cheese peanut butter pancakes with fresh blackberries! yummmm, good times, good vibes, good food, good sister =) Being the great little sister that I am I returned the favor Monday night and showed up with this workout from Blogilates  .. We killed it! There were no pancakes at the end though lol we were just happy to be alive! Train insane! =)

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