Friday, January 18, 2013

Another Pinterest inspired activity..

Bubbles!!!! Its been raining a lot lately and our outside time hasn't been as much as we were used to in Cali.. Pinterest to the rescue! I have saved a bunch of cool little projects n things I want do with the kiddos and this was perfect fun for a rainy day! We made our own bubble solution  in the morning and then after nap time we blew bubbles from the balcony =) I love how these little things get the biggest smiles =) Happy Friday!

P.s. we got the instructions here.=)


  1. Aww! How fun! I love pinterest! It is so hard to keep track of time when I get on there lol. I have found tons of great stuff to do and try, so it's worth it!


    1. totally agree! i have to schedule my pinning time lol otherwise i dont sleep! =)