Monday, February 18, 2013

30 minutes to happy...

30 minutes a day. 30minutes of exercise that is. A month ago a friend presented me with her 30 minutes of cardio challenge, and I laughed to myself thinking yeah right where will I find the time.. Then a week ago hubby and I were talking about how much fun we used to have working out , and I remembered how much I loved it and how positive I would feel after, and I realized I had really gotten away from it. So I decided to make time! So far so good I am back doing my favorite videos and may even join a zumba class once a week! ( for now I zumba with the wii lol) Its been a challenge getting it done some days with the kiddos but thankfully Jyselle loves to dance n joins me here n there n Aaron sits n plays n "cheers" me on =) I'm sore and realized I'm way outta shape but  its totally worth it getting back on track , reconnecting with the hubby, and feeling happier and more energized to keep up with these two kiddos =)

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  1. hey thats me and u running hearts we do love to work out and trust me I will keep our motivation up beautiful.