Sunday, May 19, 2013

A little bird house.. ( n a little hello again =)

Ok so I know I said goodbye and all.. but I couldn't stay away lol. Actually Ive been feeling like Ive gotten into the groove of this little life of ours and finally settled into this new peachy state we call home. And today we were having a great little family time and the hubby said "hey you should blog this"and I said, "oh yeah about that..." It got me thinking I really do love blogging and there is no reason why I cant share here and there when I can. So my faithful 13 followers lol if you're still there I hope you enjoy my little posts from time to time and I always appreciate the visits =) 
    So now about that little bird house.. Jyselle has been enjoying our adventure walks ( and I must admit me too after our first winter!) and she loves spotting birds, we even made our own little binoculars one day to bird watch. Well one day a little bird came on our balcony and she was so excited! So I thought lets make a bird feeder! And hubby jumped right to it! ( I really love when he makes things) It was the perfect way to spend our Sunday morning. Jyselle and I painted mini houses while Daddy built the feeder, and during nap time I painted it and she woke up just in time to fill it with bird seeds. Now we wait happily for the first little eater! She keeps exclaiming "the birds are almost here!" I love it =)


  1. Love the bird feeder. What a great way to spend family time with everybody involved. I'm sure Jyselle will be a Georgia "birdologist" in no time!


  2. @Melissa Glover =) thx heehee it was pretty fun, thx for the little blog visit too !