Friday, June 7, 2013

Jyselle's World : Gymnastics!

Lalalalalalalala Jyselle's world! ( singing in an Elmo voice of course =) ) These days its her world and I'm just in it lol! I don't mind at all because my little girl is growing up! Almost 3 and now is in her very own tumble tykes gymnastics class! Last Friday was her trial class and she did amazing! So she is officially our little gymnast! She had so much fun getting dressed in her leotard and had no problem saying bye bye  to me as she joined the other little ones and of course I was a proud mommy looking on through the window and snapping a ton of pics n videos! don't worry I wont share them all just a few =) Afterwards she ate her packed lunch (pb n banana sandwich, raspberries n her favorite muffin ) in the car and we strolled through target and she got an icee for being such a good listener and back home for nap time, which she declared she was very tired from all the jumping! YES! Only 3 more months and boy boy will be ready for the mommy and me classes! My new favorite Friday mornings! Happy Weekend!

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