Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Wacky little Wednesday

Yes today is Thursday but I have got to share this wacky little Wednesday ...It started off great with breakfast (chocolate banana muffins which i plan to post in the future and bacon n eggs) and this beautiful smiling face ... which then turned to eggs all over the floor of course =) My little helper was ready to clean but not without her stylish shades =) shes quite the fashionista..... Then there was our daily nature walk .. in her shades of course =) lunchtime quickly approached... banana quinoa waffle (recipe from the latest parents mag) sammie for the little lady and fruit for me...(odd craving)..

 Now fast foward a few hours of nick jr, chasing after a hyper liittle toddler and a little to much time "researching" the fun ways i can customize my blog...And then it hit like a ton of bricks! insane lower back pains ( maybe a sign our lil one is coming sooner than we planned ) that left me layed in bed and not so happy .. thankfully i have a great little neighbor who not only happened to stop by and offer to take the little one to play with her daughters she also brought tostadas!!!
 Which was a nice addition to my chicken that i had in the crock pot ( btw whole chicken in the crockpot is the greatest little thing ever!) So the night ended with a family fed n a very thoughtful much needed visit from a great friend ( she knows who she is and i hope she smiles) who said everything i needed to hear. So thankyou to great neighbors, great friends, and great food! Just the pick me up i needed to get to the next day!

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