Thursday, May 31, 2012

When life hands you Peaches.....

Wait don't I mean lemons? No. Peaches!! With all there sweet deliciousness you can make peach cobbler, peach tea, peach sangria ( which i cant wait to have very soon!) the possibilities are endless. Well life has just handed us a big ol basket of beautiful peaches. So with a lot of prayer and planning (and nail biting as we waited!) we have decided to pack up that basket along with everything else we own and make the move to the Peach state of Georgia!! Sure we are going to miss sunny California. We have made so many beautiful memories here like getting married and enjoying newlywed life to having our beautiful little girl and soon to be our little boy. (Not to mention all the friends and family we love dearly and will miss tremendously. )
But this is something we have thought long and hard about and we are so excited to be able to provide our children and ourselves with a different pace of life. A simpler, less stressful, greener view way of life =) And we think Georgia will be a great start to that. Added bonus  my sister and her fam who I miss more and more everyday are there waiting for us with open arms =) I cant wait to share all our new adventures and so happy for what the future holds, life is... well Just Peachy =)

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