Friday, July 13, 2012

Out n About

So today was my first day out n about with the kiddos! In Georgia! By myself!! =) It was great! A little nerve racking at first driving the country roads with a crying newborn and a curious toddler, but once we drove a bit they both settled down and it was very enjoyable and thankfully we beat the rain (yes the rain! its been on n off pouring drizzling n then sunny again!) Anyway I am really digging this town. The library is awesome and next week we have our first story time so stay tuned for that post to come. The park is beautiful ( and near a famous ice cream parlor) and the moms there were so friendly! I met a few and they told me about other kid friendly spots that I'm looking forward to trying.Also looking forward to hitting the thrift stores n antique shops soon with my sis so look for more fashion and home decorating posts to come! Jyselle was such a good helper today with her brother =) I'm learning more and more each day to appreciate the simple things and am doing my best to capture and enjoy each moment! Hope the pics bring a smile to your weekend! Happy Friday Y'all (lol in my "southern" voice )

Apartment hunting =) pretty sure found the perfect one  (till my country farm dream comes true) thats soon to come!

Her Library pick.. guess she dreams of a farm too ; )
=) Aaron slept through most of the day
Beautiful =)

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