Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pictures, Pins and a little bit of sugar...

Its nap time. Both kiddos are sleeping. Its 2pm and I'm sitting in the loft listening to the rain, thunder and the clicks of my sisters laptop. She types really fast and is actually working. I am too right? Well if blogging and pinning was my actual job I'd be rich =) Anyway things are calming down a bit and our stuff is finally here! Note to self: don't ever pack a loose container of powdered sugar when moving 3000 miles away otherwise you will be cleaning said powdered sugar off of most of your belongings like me =) Despite the sugary situation we had a great little weekend ...now off to pin before they wake up =)

My babies taking a break from shopping =)

My sister!

little shopper on a mission...


Meeting up @ O'Charleys for dinner
Me n the hubba hubba hubby =)

Beautiful Georgia trees

Dream porch with ceiling fans!

taking a break in svc =)

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  1. Aww! These are great pictures! So glad to see everything going great for you! Love the pic of you and the hubby! You look beautiful as always! Take care : )