Friday, June 1, 2012

My Little Monkey Shower

   Two weeks ago I had the best baby shower! It was just what I pictured. Monkey madness =) ! This is a huge thank you with all my heart to my beautiful mom and sister (who was there in my heart) for giving me such a special party and for making me (and Jyselle) feel extra special I love you both with all my heart not only for this shower but for all the love and strength you gave me throughout this pregnancy.
    My mom is a crazy lady who thinks of the craziest games. There was your normal baby trivia game but then she surprised us all with a diaper dress up game! Guests were split into teams and had to pick a model n make a diaper out of toilet paper! It was hilarious to see! Then there were delicious cupcakes from Mars and Norma. (Jyselle was on a monkey cupcake sugar high all night!) I was truly overwhelmed by all the love and support (and gifts!!) that I received from my friends and family. This pregnancy was very difficult in the beginning and we suffered a huge heartbreak, so this shower was extra special to me because it not only celebrated the little one we have on the way, but I felt as if we also were celebrating the little one I will see one day. So anyway I am super excited to share these happy little moments, hope they bring a little smile to your weekend! Happy Friday =)
me n jyselle getting ready (scored this dress @ross!)
Monkey goodness from Mars @ Rock N Cupcakes
Mars n her monkey magic

start of a serious monkey cakepop coma
more delicious cupcakes from Norma

My Nellie =)

Norma in a diaper!
My Mommy
Overloaded by gifts and love

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  1. This is so great! Love the pictures!! Just came across your blog! I hope you will visit mine too! Let me know if you want to follow each other!!