Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hello Gorgeous

Its here! Its finally here!! My dream diaper bag!! Ive been pinning this bag for months hoping it would magically appear in my lap. Well after months n months of dreaming that day finally came!! With gift cards from my shower and coupon hunting I totally scored this for just $17!!!  This bag is seriously going to change my life lol. Its just a bag you may think. Oh but its so much more than that to me! I totally lost my identity when my little girl was born which at the time was fine. I was solely focused on being her mom. As she grew I realized part of being a good mom means taking time for yourself too. So I have been really trying to have some sense of style "mommy" style i call it =) I was determined not to carry a typical diaper bag with whatever the character of the moment was. I wanted a bag that says yes I am a mom.. a mom with some style! This bag does just that! It has everything! Changing pad, bottle carrier, wet bag, a bunch of compartments, and a cute little clutch.Not to mention the gorgeous color and style! Thank you Timi&Leslie for an awesome bag! I am seriously one very happy mommy!
Cutest packaging ever! Its speaking to me!! Also love Jyselle being equally excited!
Yes, yes you are =)


  1. I love this!!! Beautiful pictures too : ) Thank you so much for you sweet comment! I am following you now! And you can reach me by email any time at
    Thanks again!!

  2. yay! =) your welcome and thank you!!