Friday, June 15, 2012

Spinach Turkey burgers with a lil twist

So we are in the middle of the biggest move in our lives, and  a baby coming in 7 days! Needless to say things are getting crazier by the day! I'm doing my best to document every bit of it and cant wait to share! But today I wanted to share a little something I made a week or so ago that made me very happy=) Spinach turkey burgers with my little twist, I saw the recipe on Pinterest via and decided to make it with my own special touch.This post is also linked to an awesome weekend potluck linky party! They are quick, healthy, and delicious! Give em a try, I hope they make you as happy as they made us! =)

Spinach Turkey Burgers
1lb Ground Turkey
1Tsp salt
1/4Tsp pepper
3/4cup crumbled feta cheese
a bunch of fresh baby spinach chopped finely
your favorite hummus( i used pesto hummus)
everything bagels
Get started....

Mix the turkey, egg, s&p, chopped spinach, and cheese together...
Shape em into 4pattys like this ...
Cook em on both sides about 7min till brown n cooked through...
Then toast the bagels a bit and then spread hummus on both sides.....
Add the burgers n wala!! enjoy burger goodness with my favorite side, watermelon =)
*BONUS: Jyselle enjoyed the kid friendly version with her hummus on the side n pita chips =)