Monday, June 4, 2012

Not your average weekend...

Its not every weekend you decide at 9months pregnant to pack up all you own and get ready to live out of boxes for a week till movers come to take it and drive it cross country 3,000 miles away, and then move into your mothers house have a baby and then get on a plane and start a new life! Oh and do it all with a very active two year old! So yes not your average weekend but right now this is our life. As crazy as it all sounds I am loving every second (mostly every second) of it because I know its bringing us closer to our new little life in the country =)
Thankfully we had the help of our friends and my mom watching the little one while Patrick and I got it all packed up and ready to go! Georgia we are almost on our way...
so the packing began..

pooped out after a long day of fun while mommy n daddy packed
and packed...

packing day two: playing in boxes before going to Nana's

greatest lunch break ever

sleepy time with Nana
our life in boxes now..

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