Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Our move! Phase two...

So we are in the middle of phase two of our big move! This weekend the movers came to take most of our stuff to Georgia. It was completely stressful and of course nothing went as planned. But with the help of our Nellie and the greatest neighbors ever ( who are gonna miss sooo much!!!)  we made it through! Now we are all moved out of what we have called home and we are settled into my old room at my moms house waiting for the little one to make his day view. Which is fast approaching! Then it's on to phase three! Till then we are trying to relax n get ready for baby =) So much easier said than done =)
Moving Truck...
Our life being loaded onto the truck...
Jyselle and her friends having a dance party while we packed =)

My Nellie scrubbing the bathroom ( such a good friend!)

Loading up the car headed to Nana's...
Jyselle wondering why all the rooms are empty!!


  1. Aww. Hope you get settled and everything goes well! Great pictures!!

  2. Thank you! i cant wait to be settled!! =)