Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Konkie's Cobbler

Jyselle has named her auntie ( my lovely sister) Konkie (don't ask just go with it) So one of the first things Konkie made us when we settled in the peach state is... Peach cobbler of course! Now I know there are a million recipes out there for cobbler, but there is only one Konkie so that makes this extra special. Trust me you will love it.. almost as much as we love Konkie. She has shared her recipe just for us! Enjoy! p.s she left it out but I'm pretty sure I saw her pour rum into the sauce ; ) I wont tell if you wont tell =)

You will need:
About 6 Georgia peaches peeled and sliced ( or any state peach will do)
1cup brown sugar
2tsp honey
2tbsp cinnamon
1tbsp pumpkin pie spice
1stick of butter
1roll of refrigerated pie crust

Here's what you do:
Put everything except for the crust in a pot and simmer till the peaches are soft..
When nobody is looking pour in some rum ... take a sip too if its been one of those days ; )
Spray or butter an 8x8 baking dish...
Put one crust on the bottom and fill with the peach sauce...
Top with the other crust and make pretty slits in it...
Bake @400 degrees for 25-30 min till golden brown...I say the more golden the better...
Enjoy!...preferably with vanilla frozen custard  with extra sauce drizzled on top like we did!(one day I will tell you about the custard obsession in this house)

**linked to another weekend potluck!


  1. Yum-o! Transitions are thought, especially with kids but at least you have family. I hope you settle in quickly!

    1. it is! and definitely so glad I have my sis! everyday its feeling more like home =).. ps. I love your blog!