Monday, August 13, 2012

Happy Little snaps : our zoo adventure

This weekend was so relaxing.. I know with two kids how is that possible lol. Well my version of relaxing is probably a little different then most but either way it was. Just hanging around with family no set plans .. Relaxing : ) I had time to pick through pics from our zoo adventure a few weeks ago. That was a crazy day but so much fun! Jyselle's favorite was the elephants! Aaron's favorite was sleeping in my moby wrap : ) n me n Patrick well we loved that we got it all done in a few hours in one piece : )
sleepy time in the moby

these two...

snack time! (from home of course!)

She rode on daddy's shoulders all day...

cooling off...
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baby panda eating bamboo..

because sometimes we all need to walk like a bird..

my dream house....


of course he wakes up when its time to leave =)

her happy dance =)

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