Thursday, August 9, 2012

Spinach bean dip... Skinny jeans here I come..

So I started jogging. .. Well walking briskly and jogging in between. I'm just starting so I plan to get better : ) I'm now officially attempting to loose this extra baby weight. Im taking a very relaxed approach beacause ..well I love food and refuse to restrict myself from anything I love =)
Besides shedding pounds I really love how excercise makes me feel and I am excited to get back into it. Okay now to the bean dip. Ive been making this for years, I saw it on Giada at home and its delicious and healthy. I keep a batch in the fridge up to a week, perfect for lunch or mindful snacking =) My daughter calls it hummus..she calls every dip hummus =) we love hummus. We also love this dip and I hope you do too.( Also love Giada and you can get the recipe here =) also Ive linked up for another weekend potluck over at and a new fave of mine! =)
beans..lets dip =)


  1. oh yum, thanks for sharing! looks so good!

    1. your welcome! it is! let me know how you like it! =)