Friday, August 17, 2012

mornings like this...

Sometimes things get a little crazy around here. Trying to manage a toddler,a newborn, a new state , not to mention we are a family of four living out of one room in my sisters house.. Don't get me wrong my sis and her family have been more than hospitable truly making there home ours until we get our place ( which is soon! More on that soon!) but some days I'm left sitting what was I thinking did we act too fast??...and then we have mornings like this..It's a Thursday and we are feeding ducks and spending time as a family completely stress free. I answer no we didn't act fast enough! This move was the best thing we have ever done for our family, Patrick is working four days a week! and I am able to continue to be a stay at home mommy. My dreams of a farm will have to wait a while but we found the perfect apartment that will suit us just fine. Besides there is so much beautiful greenery around here I'm happy exploring and having the time to do it together. Everyday I am learning and appreciating that less truly is more . And that makes me very happy.

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