Friday, September 21, 2012

"Pre-school" @ home

I go back and forth with whether or not I want to home school my children. Sometimes I think middle school age other times I think elementary age, and then there's times I wonder if I should send them to pre school. Good thing I have a few years to decide =) For now I am trying my best to make sure Jyselle (Aaron too when he can ) is getting the most out of our days together. She is getting smarter and smarter every day and I want to use every opportunity I can to help her little mind and imagination keep growing. I do my best to involve her with everyday things like cooking, cleaning, and gardening and she loves it. We have so much fun together even with the occasional tantrums. I recently got this book too that has excellent ideas and resources. Montessori Schools and the teaching method in general appeals to me the most because it seems to focus so much on these important developmental years.Whether we decide to take the home schooling route or private or public school is undetermined, but for now I am concentrating on making sure I am doing all I can to enrich this little one. Its hard at times but when I see her smile and light up and see her little mind working its one of the best feelings ever! =)
morning nature walk and crafting our findings

making strawberry milk (which soon became called super juice!!)

shapes, stacking, and dancing
making pb n honey heart sandwiches n asian pears with fruit crisps


  1. This is great! I must say I am happy I decided to home school Evan. It has made such a difference these last few weeks! I love being able to be so involved in his education! For us it was the best decision!

    1. happy to hear you're enjoying it!!! I bet Evan is loving it too!!