Friday, September 7, 2012


Thank Goodness its Friday!! We were planning on going to the big park today but life called and said not so fast. My breast pump broke ( n its a necessity for date nights n a lil free mommy time!) So that meant a Target run. Thankfully my sis had the morning off for us so to Target we went and I got a new pump, but of course in this Georgia weather it was too hot outside so we played in a tunnel at the "indoor park" =) that's Jyselle's translation of McDonald's... I know I know but it was hott! We shared an oatmeal n played, made it back home in time for homemade chicki chicki and berry applesauce. I even had to time to whip up a new dish for tonight's dinner, meat lover pizza pasta with a bell pepper sauce! I will so be sharing soon if it comes out good! She even pooped in the potty!! Man if that's not a great Friday I don't know what is! =) Nap time is here and Pintrest is calling! Have a happy weekend =)

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