Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall Garden

Fall is here! Its our first in Georgia and I am so excited! One of the things I miss most about our place in California is our little garden. Some of my happiest moments with Jyselle were in that garden.(side note: my awesome neighbor and her little ones graciously took over for us when we moved and if you're reading this we miss you!) So I am so excited to get a jump start on ours now. The great thing about container gardening is I can start now and in a few weeks when its time to move to our place we can just pack em up to there new home =) My mom (who is a pretty great gardener herself) showed me the coolest site that will tell you what to plant and when for you area its so helpful! So according to my area we are starting with carrots and turnips! I cant say enough how rewarding it is to garden with your little ones. Its not only fun but it teaches appreciation for Gods beautiful creation and inspires more willingness and excitement to try new fruits and veggies when they see they grew it themselves! This is my first try at a fall garden so here we go! I will be sure to document our journey! Happy gardening =)

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