Thursday, September 6, 2012

Toddler Time!

Today was a big day! Jyselle's first toddler story time! Not just first time in Georgia but first time as a toddler! I loved taking her to baby story time back in California. It's a great way for her to interact with little ones, listen to stories, dance and play. It's also great for mommies n daddies too : ) Most libraries offer them for free so if you haven't already you've got to try it! I was a little nervous since its our first time in Georgia but she did great! I was a proud mommy snapping pics of course : )
So as one chapter closes another opens.. My little girl is growing up she's officially a toddling toddler.
I am looking forward to more days like these watching her little mind develop and I'm getting more daily activities together so we can start our "home pre-schooling" there's so much information out there but I've gathered some great ideas from other mommy blogs and this book I'm excited to try. Time really flies so I'm doing my best to enjoy every little moment I get with my little ones. I truly am blessed and so happy to have them :)



  1. Story time is great, we rarely miss it! Good luck on yr home prescooling adventure!

  2. Thank you it will definitely be an adventure!! love your blog too! we are going to have fun trying out some of your arts n crafts! =)